Social Responsibility (AND FUN!)

The Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation provides national grants to projects and organizations throughout the US that are focused on the full inclusion of young people with disabilities into society.

Each location has its own local charitable foundation as well, completely managed by Associate volunteers with generous company funded dollar matches!  

Northville, Michigan

Mason, Ohio

Maysville, Kentucky

  • MASH - (M)itsubishi (A)ssociates (S)ending (H)elp

    In Maysville, the MASH foundation is a very creative fundraiser, from the Tug-for-Life tug rope contest to the Corn Hole tournaments to an all-time favorite, “Kiss the Cow.”

    Pictured is one of the more popular 'Make A Tree' events!  Everyone gets involved! 

  • ECHO - (E)mployees (C)ommitted to (H)elping (O)thers

    In Mason, the ECHO foundation enjoys spreading fund raising activities over many great charitable organizations, providing good cheer and support to as many young people in need as possible. 

    They utilize a lot of creative fund raising such as a Pink Pumpkin contest, Vacation Day & Parking Spot raffles, to Best Mustache contests in addition to the more traditional charity walks/runs and sports outings.

  • PEACE - (P)roving (E)xcellence (A)nd (C)aring (E)xist

    In Northville, the PEACE Foundation is an active group that likes variety:  SOUPerbowl, Corridor Carnival, Ice Cream Socials, Trunk & Treat, Book Assembly, Toys for Tots, Garden Clean-ups, BBQ, Cereal Drive, Sports Outings, and of course, holiday parties! 

    There is something of interest for almost anyone to get involved - AND everyone does!

More Fun!